Knee Replacement Services

Knee arthritis and injuries are extremely common, and advances in technology now allow our practice to perform both total and partial knee replacement on both older and younger, more active patients.

In a traditional total knee replacement, the damaged areas of the femur, tibia and kneecap are removed and replaced with prostheses. Patients whose joint damage is limited to one area of the joint may be candidates for partial or unicompartmental replacement.

Knee repair and joint replacement specialist in the Dallas, Texas area.At this time TCJR uses cemented total knee replacements because our experience indicates that this method of fixation provides the most predictable and consistent results. We are always evaluating newer options for implant fixation, and bone ingrowth fixation, which is commonly used in the hip, may be a choice for the knee in the future.

Recent research has shown the importance of matching the knee prosthesis to the patient, and TCJR uses implant systems with long-term track records of sizing that is appropriate for both men and women, as well as small and large individuals.