Anterior Supine Approach for Total Hip Replacement

TCJR's Dr. Roger Emerson specializes in total hip replacement surgery using the Anterior Supine Intermuscular (ASI) hip replacement procedure, which is the least invasive surgical approach to the hip. Unlike traditional hip replacement that uses an incision located on the side or toward the back of the hip, the ASI approach uses an incision made on the front of the hip. During the surgery, patients lie on their backs on a specially designed surgical table.

Anterior hip replacement is a European technique that is gaining ground in the United States. This procedure is designed to reduce the trauma to the tissues surrounding the hip joint.

The ASI approach preserves muscles and tendons that are cut with traditional hip replacement techniques, resulting in less pain and faster recovery. The surgeon also uses a smaller hip implant designed to conserve more bone and tissue than traditional hip implants.

The surgeon believes that the ASI procedure offers the best chance for a truly rapid recovery from hip replacement. Anecdotal evidence suggests that patients experience less pain post-operatively, making pain management easier, and enabling them to resume routine activities more quickly.

With the addition in Plano of a table designed to aid in this approach, the surgeon can perform this surgery on a wider range of patients. Some still will require another method, due to size, severity of disease or anatomical formation.

Please feel free to talk to your doctor about this procedure and its application to your hip problem.