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Joint Replacement Program

Specializing in Hip, Knee & Shoulder Joint Replacement

At Texas Center for Joint Replacement in Plano, we are dedicated exclusively to joint replacement surgery. Our physicians have pioneered the latest techniques to bring the best care to our patients, who are ready to resume active lifestyles sooner than ever before. Additionally, new techniques and longer-lasting artificial joints make joint replacement an option for many active adults who are suffering from joint pain.

Hip Replacement and Anthroplasty Procedures

Hip Replacement

Total hip replacement gives new life to people with debilitating hip pain from arthritis. An artificial joint can return you to an active life. Improved surgical approaches and techniques can get some patients back to work in two weeks.

Total and Partial Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee Replacement

Knee replacement relieves pain and improves mobility for more than 95 percent of patients. Improved techniques can offer shorter recovery times and less post-operative pain. Newer pain management techniques, which are used with all joint replacements at TCJR, are especially important in knee replacement.

Shoulder and Rotator Cuff Replacement or Repair

Shoulder Replacement

Shoulder replacement is less common, but it is very successful at relieving pain, both from arthritis and injury. TCJR also offers "reverse" total shoulder replacement for patients with damaged rotator cuffs.